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24 Hours With the Sony RX1R

Through the years I've learned that eventually one will come full circle as far as photography equipment goes. Most would probably start out with a point and shoot that makes creative decisions automatically for them. The lure of Artificial Intelligence at the click of a button is just so hard to resist.

It doesn't usually take that long before one gets a DSLR with a kit lens. But one then realizes that not all camera optics are created equal and shortly thereafter you seek the benefits of pro optics (sharpness, contrast, speed via wide apertures).

Before you know it, you have a bunch of lenses and you slowly realize carrying this bag gets in the way of what was important to you in the first place: taking photographs. You also realize that you end up hardly using that cheap 74-300 super-zoom that you half-heartedly bought because you thought you could save money. Supposedly talent can make up for mediocre equipment and for the most part, that may be true because concept is just as important as technique. Instead, you end up with blurry pictures that you wish was a tad sharper. You promise yourself you'll take the tripod along the next time you go out and take some "serious pictures".

So I was at this point. I was thinking that I would rather have one focal length with the best optics that I could afford rather than a wide range of focal lengths but with only a few of which with real practical use to me. Quality over quantity.

Yes, constraint is a bitch but it's also a wonderful teacher. I just want to start taking pictures again at an image quality that could work for more than tiny phone screens or for over compressed tiny JPEGs on Facebook. I want to capture the fleeting moments of life in its high resolution glory either for posterity or for my own self-amusement. I want a camera that does not get in the way of my creative ideas but rather help me get there. Only time will tell for sure but from what I have seen so far, this camera is doing just that.

I am excited about photography again.

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